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Ceramics Café

What is Ceramics Café?

A wonderful combination of good coffee, cake and creative experiences. Paint your own pottery – alone or with a friend, boyfriend, date or grandmother.

It’s just a matter of grabbing the brush and having fun in a creative togetherness, where the imagination runs free.

Ceramics Café is open everyday from 2 – 5 PM and 7 – 9 PM.

Remember to book a table for the activity on phone 86 47 00

Choose from over 30 different kinds of Italian ceramics with prices from DKK 75 to DKK 350.

Here's how you do

When you arrive, first choose what you want to paint on. We have a great selection of bowls, cups, plates, figurines and much much more.

Once you have chosen your pottery and the three colors of underglaze, it’s time to get creative! Expect a visit to take approx. 2 hours

After approx. one week your visit we will call you so you can come and pick up your finished work of art.


Note our prices on ceramics are all inclusive including materials, paint, glazing and firing.


Remember the following

  • Wipe the ceramic before you start painting.
  • A little paint goes a long way. If necessary, dilute the paint with a little water.
  • The lightest color should be at the bottom.
  • If you want to make a line drawing that you can paint after. Then you need a completely ordinary marker. Do NOT use a pencil, as there is a risk that the lead will stick and can be seen after burning.
  • To achieve a dense color, 3 coats must be painted.
  • You may paint anywhere on the pottery, except for the ceramic standing surface. The places you choose not to paint will be rough after firing.
  • Everything is glazed and gets a shiny surface.
  • Write clearly the name, telephone number and date on the paper, and place the pottery on the paper. Feel free to take a picture of your finished pottery as well.
  • Then we will contact you when it has been burned.
  • For ideas for techniques, find inspiration by visiting pages on Instagram and Pinterest. Use e.g. the keywords like: glazing pottery, #keramikcafe #artbymeaarhus