Cancellation Policy for Events and Parties

Please read our cancellation policy in connection with events for a minimum of 20 people and / or in a separate room. In order to provide security and safety for both parties regarding a mutual agreement of your event, a reservation fee of DKK 5,000 is paid when booking a company. Only when receiving a reservation fee / deposit is the event confirmed.

General Cancellation Policy
Up to 3 months before the start of the event: The event can be canceled free of charge and the reservation fee will be refunded.
Up to 30 days before the event: If the event is canceled, there is no refund of the booking fee.
In case of later cancellation, unsubscribed or absent participants will be invoiced at full price.

Cancellation – which must always be made in writing – means cancellation, reduction, shortening, relocation and similar significant changes according to the order confirmation.

Cancellation policy for confirmation parties
Special deadlines apply for confirmations, as they often take place on the same days when there is a rift about the premises, and therefore are usually reserved long in advance.
The general cancellation policy applies here. However, the booking fee / deposit will not be refunded upon confirmation.

Do you have to cancel an event you have booked? Call us on tel. +299 86 47 00 or send an email to