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We are a part of many people's lives

About Hotel Sisimiut

Hotel Sisimiut consists of 40 rooms, 8 hotel apartments, an incoming/excursion department, a training department, a restaurant and a bar.

Nasaasaaq our brasserie and restaurant serves hotel- and course guests, as it works as a company- and á la carte restaurant. Besides servicing the restaurant and brasserie, the kitchen offers cateringservice to institutions and larger companies.

The reception receives and coordinates bookings and provides service to the guests of the hotel along with conference arrangements.

The excursion department arranges and offers excursions og experiences in and around Sisimiut on boat, dog sled and snowmobiles.

 About us

The coworkers are the foundation for a business as Hotel Sisimiut. Even though a lot of stuff can be digitized and automated, the human overview and closeness the leading factor in our daily routine.

We celebrate our differences and prioritize our coworkers trust and wellbeing. That means we demand commitment and efficiency. At the same time our basic belief is that, attitude and personality tops professionalism. We can teach each other professionalism – and we give each other personality and individuality.

That has created a spacious workplace with room for pupils, trainees, those in need of job, unskilled, a colorful bucket of different nationalities, skilled and every one of us in between.


Diversity makes us better, curious and we resemble our customers!

40 Employees
6 Student - and trainee positions
8 Nationalities
7 Departments


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Tina Berg-Severinsen

Tina Berg-Severinsen

Head Chef

Employed since 2008. Became head chef in 2013.
Tougher than most without knowing it herself. 😉

Jesper Rønnebech

Jesper Rønnebech

Restaurant Manager

Employed as restaurant manager since 2015
Cute and secretly loves to ski 🙂

Anette Lings

Anette Lings

Hotel Manager

Manager since 2008.
Most is possible.