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Arrival and departure time

The room(s) are available from 12.00pm on the day of arrival. The room(s) must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. If checkout has not been completed by 10.00am on the day of departure, the customer will be charged for another one-night stay.


Cleaning of the rooms takes place daily between 9.00 and 15.00. If cleaning is prevented or hindered by luggage or other items belonging to the guest, HOTEL SISIMIUT is entitled not to clean on that day. Towels are changed daily as needed. For stays for more than 3 days, bed linen is changed as needed. If the guest’s luggage is still in the room after the check-out date, HOTEL SISIMIUT reserves the right to pack the luggage and deposit it.


The parties are responsible for complying with the booking agreement according to legislature. Rules with the following exceptions: In case of force majeure and / or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the direct control of HOTEL SISIMIUT – including, fire, water damage, strike / lockout and illness of staff, HOTEL SISIMIUT is entitled to cancel the agreement without notice and liability.

HOTEL SISIMIUT’s liability for compliance with the agreement can never exceed the total price of the booking and any compensation does not include indirect losses, such as loss of profits. Transport and travel costs for alternative accommodation are not covered.

Valuables / storage of luggage etc.:

HOTEL SISIMIUT is not responsible for the loss or theft of valuables and luggage in the room or in the hotel.

Forgotten items

Values ​​left / forgotten in the room or hotel are stored no more than 1 month after departure. Returning of items can be done pending payment of a shipping and handling fee of 200dkk, on top of postage or transport expenses. Items are returned only after prepayment of fees and postage.


Hotel Sisimiut is entirely non-smoking. In case of violation, the guest will be charged a bill of DKK 2000 for cleaning.