Guests staying at the Hotel has free access to the Spa.


Arctic Spa

Hydrotherapy as an effective way of releasing tensions in both the mind and the body is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years.
The cycle of hot-cold-relax is proven to both energize and rest the body, improving blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system to help detoxification. It also actively promotes the release of endorphins, also known as the “well-being hormones”.


Raising the body’s temperature dilates the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, reduces blood pressure, and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles, thus initiating a state of calmness and introspection.


Tradition suggests that the hot experience is followed by immersing oneself in cold water or snow. This step causes the skin’s pores to close thus shutting in the heat from step one. This shift promotes a shift in blood pressure, encouraging the body to flush toxins, the muscles to release tensions, allowing you to fully engage in the benefits of the circuit.


Indulge in a 15 to 25 minute period of doing nothing and relaxing in the wilderness bath. During this final step, the cardiovascular system regulates itself. After spending time in the hot and cold environments, it is recommended to rest the body to help stabilize blood flow and heart rate. Remember to drink lots of water.

Visit the Arctic Spa

Book time at +299 86 48 40

You don’t have to stay at Hotel Sisimiut to enjoy the Arctic Spa facilities.  The spa is open everyday from 04:00PM – 11:00PM.

Spa package incl.

  • Access to wilderness bath and sauna for 75 minutes
  • Access to changing and shower facilities
  • Towel and shampoo
  • Bathrobe and slippers

Price: 150 kr.