We help to make dreams come true


Hotel Sisimiut has a long tradition of sponsorship. We support meaningfull and inovative initiatives and projects that have a purpose.

In addition to sponsoring individuals, we also support  sports and other events and cultural projects.
We see a special value in sponsoring our partners for instance sled association etc.


Application requirements

Associations that we work with in some way, can apply sponsorship.

Children and youth associations related to sports, music and theater can apply sponsorship.

We do not support staff unions and adults in continuing education, but students and young students can apply for sponsorship.

Applications will be assessed only if there is a description of the purpose of the sponsorship and suggestions to “returns”. Applications must be submitted in Danish or English.

We sponsor

Arctic Circle Race

Nanu Børn

SAK Håndbold Børn

Arnatuk Sisimiut

Snowball Sisimiut

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